We focus our activity on the export of high quality agricultural products from Central and Eastern Europe to Western and Northern Europe. Our main product is blueberry, however, our product range also includes plum, cranberry, strawberry, mushrooms, bio products and many others (for more information see the section PRODUCTS ). Due to the increasing demand for the services of our company, we are constantly seeking for new suppliers and markets. We expand our assortment, but in the same time we do not lose sight of our priorities – quality, safety, health, and also the aesthetic appearance and unique taste of our products.

We deliver products elastically and quickly in accordance with a predetermined schedule or organize goods in response to the unexpected, alarming shortages in warehouses of our customers. Our goal is to ensure the continuity of supply of homogeneous large-volume deliveries, bigger than one producer acting individually could ever handle. We offer much higher prices for producers than those on the Polish market, and for the customers prices significantly lower than those on their domestic market, in the same time maintaining all standards of quality, safety and sustainability.