Our business is based on long-term cooperation with large receivers and the best producers. We rely on the mutual trust, understanding and continuous mutual exchange of information and knowledge. Therefore, our products meet quality and safety standards required by the European supermarkets chains, where as a target our agricultural products are sold.

We fulfil these expectations by requiring internationally recognized quality certificates from our producers and by checking the quality and safety of products in accredited laboratories. Our fruit must meet quality and safety standards required by the European supermarkets chains, so they must comply with the specifications and standards of our customers. These regulations are strictly followed by us, by suppliers cooperating with us, as well as transport companies and all other stakeholders of ‚Agro Trade‘. We are proud of the fact that both our producers and carriers show great commitment, initiative, and improve their techniques of production and logistics. ‘Agro Trade’ extends its competences thanks to the participation in numerous international conferences, meetings and fairs.

Quality is our obsession, hence we hold control of it from the very beginning to the very end – from the process of fertilization, harvesting, through the process of packaging, transportation, and finally delivery of the product to the customer.

We organise deliveries following the recommendations and standardizations of our customers. According to their needs we choose the way of loading the goods on pallets, type of packaging, and we print the appropriate labels and barcodes on punnets and / or paper boxes.

To our standard procedures belong also: proper pallets marking and notification of each delivery to the receiver. Thanks to our contacts, speed, and flexibility in operations, we have already handled the preparation of products in sufficiently large volumes and at such attractive prices to help organise the promotional offers in supermarkets.

Deliveries to all European countries within 12 to 48 hours.