Agro Trade is a family company which exports agricultural produce to countries of Western Europe, United Kingdom and the Nordics. Our enterprise was founded in the response to demand of receivers from Western Europe, who needed a modern and flexible supplier of fruits and vegetables from Central and Eastern Europe.


The most important journal about horticulture in Poland wrote about us:

„Roman and Izabella Stefaniak from Piła decided to use the German know-how about blueberry on the Polish ground, by founding their own blueberry plantation. What is more, they transferred their passion for blueberries to their children Sandra and Marek. That family company does two types of activities- they both grow blueberries under the brand Borówka Wielkopolska, and through the company Agro Trade they also trade those berries (…).”

If you happen to know Polish, you can read the whole article hear (klik!) Translation to English in progress!

We strongly believe that a frequent and intensive contact with both growers and receivers helps us achieve our common goals. We do not only fulfil requirements, but we exceed them! If you are a grower- we won’t only offer you the best prices on the market, but we will also help you grow your fruits more efficiently! If you are a receiver- we will offer you the world’s best quality of services and in the same time we will share with you why actually Poles do so well in horticulture!


We also recommend an article about our intern from the Netherlands – Liza Lievens. Very interesting reading that allows you to see polish blueberry production as foreign person. You can read this article in: